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Digital consulting Ltd
IT tradition since 1993

We will dramatically reduce your IT expenses!


  • System integration. Complete corporate solutions.

  • Designing and managing corporate networks

  • Consulting for buying and implementation of professional network hardware (Cisco, Juniper, Extreme etc)

  • Professional internet access management, including ISP solutions

  • VoIP solutions (VoIP based business PBXes)

  • Integration and support of any kind of network services (mail,web,file storage,vpn etc)

  • Many other, including custom and inovative solutions
  • News

  • Since jan`15 we specialize in the NAS area

  • Since aug`10 we offer consulting in buying all kinds of professional and consumer electronics

  • Since apr`09 we are direct importer of proffessional VoIP hardware.

  • Since oct`08 the firm offers state-of-the-art GSM<->VoIP solutions

    The new generation of VoIP-to-GSM gateway devices offer high sound quality and expense savings, because of lack of old fashioned digital-to-analog converters.

    Devices give opportunity of making cheap international calls directly from GSM phones.
  • Who we are

    Тhe firm is inheritor of founded in 1993 firm "Digital"
    With more than 15 years experience Digital Consulting Ltd is one of most experienced IT firms in Bulgaria.
    Contact information

    Phone: (+359 8) 88 010 565 / (+359 2) 421 111 0
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    Digital Consulting Ltd
    Digital Consulting Ltd
    System integration
    IT consulting
    Network management
    Network design
    ISP solutions
    VoIP solutions
    Network planning
    Network servers
    Unix solutions
    Linux solutins
    VPN solutions
    System administration
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